Cow and Fetus - Geordanna Cordero-Fields

Cow and Fetus – Geordanna Cordero-Fields

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Artist Notes: This is a part of a series called “WITH FETUS”. Faintly in the background of this painting (and the others in the series) are fetuses. Because of my stage IV endometriosis, I have unfortunately had to endure many miscarriages and extreme pain … but fortunately because of my endometriosis I became vegan. A vegan diet has been known (and I can attest) to significantly diminish the pain of endometriosis. Though I first became vegan for health reasons, I am now also vegan for humane reasons. In this series I tried to show how we all are sentient beings who can endure tremendous heartache. At the same time I was trying to poke fun at the popular animal head portraits and fashion illustrations by embedding a more significant and thought-provoking subject. A subject we fail to discuss: miscarriages and the inhumane treatment of farm raised animals today. These subjects might at first seem to not fit together but I think if you really ponder it you will see the connections.

Painting: Watercolor, Ink and Gouache on Paper.