Happy Cows - Philip McCulloch-Downs

Life Sentence – Philip McCulloch-Downs

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Artist Notes: All these faces are from current cattle markets in the U.K. as of May 2015. None have been altered in any way.

Over 5000 species of mammal produce milk to feed their young.

One species continues to drink it after weaning.

This they steal from another animal.

An animal that is imprisoned and forcibly impregnated for the first time at 14 – 28 months old, and – after giving birth every year to keep the milk flowing – slaughtered once her body is worn out at about 6 years old.

Each cow is milked for at least 10 months of every year of her adult life.

For 7 months out of that 10 she is both pregnant AND lactating.

She will yield between 25 and 50 litres of milk per day, 7 to 14 times more than her calf would naturally drink.

This stress on her body commonly leads to lameness, metabolic disorders and mastitis (a painful udder infection).

To facilitate the production of milk each cow is re-impregnated 2 – 3 months after giving birth.

She would naturally suckle her calf for 9 months to a year, but in dairy farming her offspring are removed within a day or two.

Male calves are an unwanted by-product and are shot after birth, or sold for veal production.

This is the invisible face of all your milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt and butter.

Milk is not the innocent, natural, healthy product portrayed by the dairy industry.

YOU can choose to acknowledge this and change your diet if you wish to. THEY have no choice

Philip works with campaign group Viva!